Pioneer Scholars

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By signing up for an information session you have taken your first step towards becoming a Pioneer Scholar. The journey may be challenging at times, so we’ve put together some resources to prepare you for what will ultimately become one of the most fulfilling academic experiences of your lifetime.

  1.   Get Connected! Check out our student-run Instagram page at @scholarsofpioneer to learn more about what  current scholars are working on and the kinds of people you will meet if you are admitted.

  2.   Get Motivated! Over 4,000 scholars have come before you, so why not get your brain in gear by reading a paper or two from the Pioneer Research Journal?

  3.   Get Prepared! Like many high school students, you may be new to academic research. Learn more about proper research methodology with this blog post from Pioneer.

Enjoy the information session!


2020 Pioneer Alumni created this video to welcome future scholars to the program.

Want to learn more before your info session? Check out Pioneer’s website for videos, alumni testimonials and more!

The Pioneer 2022 summer application is closed. We appreciate each applicant's interest and effort! If you have any questions, just contact us. We'll be there for you.
  • Considering students have significantly fewer options for their summer enrichment, Pioneer adjusted the cohort size from maximum 5 to maximum 6 so that we can offer the opportunity to more students. Please be aware that Pioneer will only expand cohorts which we feel sure will not be compromised in any way by a slight increase in participation. Some areas, therefore, may stay at a maximum of 5 because the nature of the course requires heavier coaching.


  • Pioneer admissions still requires the same application materials, but we may adjust the timing in response to current realities. If you can work with your counselor to collect your official transcript and counselor evaluation and submit them soon after you submit your application, it will speed up the process. Pioneer admissions requires an official transcript and counselor evaluation to process applications for the final round. If these items won't be available during the process due to COVID-19, applicants must submit evidence that the school's counseling office is closed. Pioneer admissions will then decide what adjustment shall be granted.