The Age of Plague


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The Age of Plague: Transformation of Medical Technology, Innovation and Understanding from Ancient Plagues to the Modern Plague

POSS Team: Oak Park Eagles Team Captain: Harshini Mohan Team Members: Rahul Naveen, Emma Chau, Neha Jag, Olivia Dods, Prerana Rao, Sasha Xu Synopsis: Through the valuable experience provided by Pioneer Academics, our team, the Oak Park Eagles, was able to work as a team to conduct professional research and data analysis, and use these […]

The Age of Plague: The Connection and Effects Between Religion and the Black Death

POSS Team: Jam Galaxy Team Captain: Jiayi An Team Members: Yue Liu, Yuchen Du, Zijian Xu, Maoxin Ye, Zijian Gao Synopsis: Our group studied the connection between religions and The Black Death. Through online meetings and bibliographies, our group pinpointed changes in the social influence of religion in Medieval Europe – trends such as growth […]
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The Age of Plague: Analyzing the Factors that Affect Various Pandemic Responses

POSS Team: Campolindo Group Team Captain: Sarah Wu Team Members: Cathy Kenderski, Amrita Malhotra, Daylin Atwood, Kalyani Srikanth Synopsis: With inspiration from the current coronavirus pandemic, our group researched plagues of the past, specifically the various factors that affected plague responses and ultimately the spread of these plagues. Members of our group studied reactions to […]

The Age of Plague: How Did Medieval Europe Respond to the Black Death Scientifically and Socially?

POSS Team: Jserra Lions Team Captain: Qiwen Wang Team Members: Emily Bush, Qiang Guo, Haley Hughes, Dillon Kim, Daisy Wang  Synopsis: Team JSerra Lions’ research studies how the Black Death changed medical and scientific perspectives and how this prompted changes in society. Findings on medieval medicine provide a context for the state of medical knowledge […]
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The Age of Plague: The Role of Social Classes and Culture in Effectiveness of Various Methods of Plague Prevention During the Bubonic Plague

POSS Team: EBHS Team Captain:  Jayashree Balaraman Team Members: Divya Ananth, Veena Gonugondla, Mehwish Hussain, Kavya Kadabageri, Harnoor Kaur, Sophia Olakangil, Sofia Sepulveda Pizarro, Ajab Shakir Synopsis: The Bubonic plague was the most lethal pandemic documented in human history. We decided to focus our report on studying the role that social classes, culture, and plague […]

The Age of Plague: Social and Medical Conditions and Induced Social Conflicts and Discriminations in the First, Second, and Third Pandemics

POSS Team: Justitia Team Captain: Jing Dong Team Members: Yutong Wu, Yunfei Xu, Yixin Li, Xiye Tan, Jingyue Hu, Zheng Wang Synopsis: Our project focuses on social and medical conditions and induced social conflicts in pandemics. Though reading primary source documents and reports and comments today, we compare and contrast the conditions and attitudes of […]
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