Pandemics & Globalization


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Pandemics and Globalization: Evaluation of the Economic, Cultural, and Political American Response to COVID-19

POSS Team: Research Under Ladies Excels (RULE) Team Captain: Sanya Sharma Team Members: Stephanie Mei, Trinity Lee, Maren McChesney,  JiaYi Huang Synopsis: As COVID-19 ravaged the world, the global economy was tested; and certain nations—especially the United States—tripped over themselves, stumbling towards the road to recovery. Countries went into lockdown, causing unemployment rates to skyrocket, decreasing […]

Pandemics and Globalization: Economics, Culture and Policy

POSS Team: Cypress Team Captain: Arthur Sun Team Members: Michael Behling, Adam Hassan, Anwesh Katragadda, Sean Behling Synopsis: See Team Report
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Pandemics and Globalization

POSS Team: The Fighting Chickens Team Captain: Akki Kishore Team Members: Sacaar Jain, Gargi Bhogle, Harshil Shahi, Aidan Rezner, Wolfe Mooney, Dominic Peralta, Christian Gomez, Samuel Lin, Donovan McFann Synopsis: See Team Report

Pandemics and Globalization: A Comparison and Analysis of Public’s Reaction to Government Measures of the US and China in the Face of COVID-19

POSS Team: Cosmic Team Captain: Yunxiang Zhang Team Member: Tianle Yao, Yuanyuan Yao, Tiantong Cao, Ziyao Dai, Sijia  Wang, Yuntong Liu Synopsis:  During the pandemic, why do governments around the world receive different responses from the public? How come some follow quarantine rules and actually stay at home, while others refuse to cooperate? We seek to […]
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