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When the pandemic lockdowns shut down virtually all in-person summer enrichment programs for high school students, Pioneer Academics received an unprecedented number of applications for its online program, an increase of over 150% over last year. This presented several challenges to the Pioneer Academics admissions team: We wanted to offer as many students as possible...
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Pioneer Scholars Share Their Early Decision and Early Action Destinations
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Pioneer Journal
Pioneer Academics is proud to announce that 110 scholars from the 2019 program have been nominated for the Pioneer Research Journal, an annual publication that showcases a collection of outstanding, undergraduate-level research written by high school students.
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Students began signing on to Pioneer Academics’ Pioneer Open Dialogue Series (PODS) landing page a half-hour early, not to get a good seat, for no one had to leave their home to attend; but to make sure the technology was working.  “Microphone?” “Check!”  “Camera?” Check!” “You’re good to go,” from Pioneer Academics Program Director Matthew Jaskol...
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Pioneer Scientific American
You can click here to read the entire article.. High school students – do you want to dive into an area of study and explore a never-before answered question with a professor-mentor? Pioneer Academics, a public benefit corporation, created a research mentorship model for high school students in 2012. This unique model provides undergraduate-level credit-bearing research opportunities...
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The Chinese lunar probe named Chang’e 4 successfully landed on the far side of the Moon at 2:30am GMT Jan 03 2019. It is the very first time in history that humans have explored the Moon’s so-called “dark” side, which, until now, it has remained something of a mystery. Though it is not really dark–...
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Students receive faculty mentorship during research opportunities with Pioneer
Twin earthquakes rattle Southern California after nearly twenty years of quiet seismology activity. The first earthquake, a magnitude of 6.4, impacted rural California by Ridgecrest  on Thursday, July 4th whereas the second earthquake shook the greater Los Angeles region with a 7.1 magnitude the following day. No casualties were recorded. A Pioneer professor, located near...
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