Vaishnavi Patil


Voice of the Pioneer Community
People familiar with Pioneer know that our values and principles are centered around empowering students to pursue their authentic interests. Experts debate how the pressures of the college application process affect students’ decisions about their pursuits. Pioneer has regularly invited students and educators to discuss this matter. Many people hoped that college admissions office decisions...
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A letter from admissions
2021 proved to be one of the most challenging years for both Pioneer Admissions and its applicants as the interest in our program continued to rise. We saw an unprecedented 3016 applications for the 2021 summer term. While we were awed by the caliber of candidates, and humbled by the amount of interest, we were...
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Brian Cooper
We are excited to announce that a new function — Academic R&D — has been added to our academic department to further drive Pioneer’s innovation and learning delivery. Leading this new function is Brian Cooper, who brings 30 years of education experience. Brian is the immediate past Director of Educational Innovation and Online Programming of...
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