Pioneer: Recommended by Duke TIP and leading gifted programs

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Pioneer: Recommended by Duke TIP and leading gifted programs

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Gifted students rely on opportunities outside the classroom to meet their need for intellectual challenge. The Pioneer Research Program, known for its high standards in academics, its concrete research system, and its thorough identification of giftedness, is consistently recommended for gifted youths by Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program) and other leading gifted programs. Pioneer has established itself as the unique academic framework and engaging atmosphere to maximize student potential:

– Pioneer has set the highest possible standards for faculty mentors and students to conduct serious and original research. It requires a transparent research process to ensure that each step meets protocols for excellence and transparency. Following participation in cohort sessions, Pioneer Scholars must develop their own research topic and develop it into a full-blown research paper.

– Pioneer insists on cohort sessions of no more than six students, followed by 1-on-1 sessions with faculty mentors committed to Pioneer-style mentorship. Through these, Pioneer offers highly customized academic engagement ensuring gifted students are getting fully challenged in the way they need.

– Pioneer’s applicant pool draws from 64 countries and regions. Each cohort is very international. The gifted youths from different cultures come together with similar high-powered intellectual profiles and with laser-point interest focus. The peer engagement is exhilarating and long-lasting.

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